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  2. […] months, I will be unpacking each of the ten main design styles. If you haven’t already taken my online quiz to discover your interior style, I invite you to do that […]

  3. Loved the pictures. its so beautiful. Thanks

  4. Awesome pictures Thanks for share wonderful blog!

  5. […] sofas to help complement your new contemporary lightning. If you haven’t already taken my online quiz to discover your interior style, I invite you to do that […]

  6. […] sure of your design style? Here I explain the main design styles and offer a free quiz to help you launch into your journey of a […]

  7. […] to know more about your interior style? If so, take this quiz to find out what resonates with you […]

  8. […] I highlighted small makers for Wabi Sabi spaces. However, these beautiful handmade vessels fit into many home stylings. That spirit of authenticity and pure artistry are welcomed additions to any space and are just the […]

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