Tips for Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Creating a space that functions well and exudes style can be a tall order.

 The cabinet choice can significantly impact the style of your project, so while you are assembling the vision,  it’s a good idea to know exactly what  you are looking at. 

Although there is are plethora of door styles and finishes, there are only four ways to apply the doors to the “box” of the cabinet.  


An inset door is the most traditional style of cabinet.  The frame is completely exposed and the door is mounted inside the frame.  Fine furniture is constructed this way.  It requires a 1”  thick frame and  a 1” thick door.  If it sounds like this is the most expensive way do it, you're right

With a frameless door, the most modern approach, the cabinet box is completely covered by the door.  Typically the door will be ¾” thick mounted to a ¾” thick plywood box. There is no face frame and the European hinges are completely hidden.



Full Overlay is the most popular style of door and it does just what it says.The door covers or lays over the front of the frame.  The spine of the hinge is exposed and mounted to a ¾” thick wood frame.

Semi Overlay is the same as full overlay, but the door is smaller and the frame is exposed.  If you select a full overlay  flat panel door style with a fairly wide frame it resembles an inset door. But with a thinner cabinet frame and a thinner door it costs approximately 25% less. 

Kitchen layout is next,  stay tuned or give us a call….